Holli LeVert, DVM 
Hello.  I wanted to write you and let you know that your product has helped cut down on the mess my very water driven Irish Setter makes on my floors.  I initially ordered the older model a few years ago and recently upgraded to the newer metal bowl.  I'm a big fan of the upgrades you've made and find the new bowl much easier to clean.  Our cats and tiny Yorkie can also use the bowl when it is at least 1/4 full!  As a small animal veterinarian I also recommend your product to clients who complain about the mess their dogs make.  The price can be off putting initially but I tell them that it's worth it!  Thank you for continuing to put a lot of thought into your products.  It has definitely helped the bond I have with our dog and has saved our floors!
Alli and K9 Brutus
Hello!! I am a K9 Handler in Canada. As a handler we live out of our K9 vehicle and we have very high drive partners. It is difficult to find a good quality, steel water bowl that will not spill in the back of our work vehicles, especially when we drive fast with lights and sirens.  We cannot have it spilling and freezing in the back of our trucks or having our partners laying in water. My partner, Brutus like to chew and play with his water bucket so i was on the mad search for something that would meet all our needs. This did. It is big enough to last our long shifts, it is heavy enough that he doesn't try snd flip it and it does not slosh or spill in the back of my truck. I think you need to start marketing these for K9 units across North America !!!! Amazing product. I came to your site today to purchase another one for my partners kennel but the mammoth is sold out. Do you have any idea when another will be available?
Please let me know and thank you again for such a great product!!
Alli and K9 Brutus
P.s.: i attached a pic of what my vehicle mechanics made for the truck to house he Slopper Stopper if you have any other K9 units interested. We cannot just place it in the back of the truck because when we are driving at high rates of speed to emergency calls it could slide and hurt our K9 partners. My mechanics did a great job and i can easily remove the bowl to clean it and refill it. 
Brad Jenkins
I picked up a two month old Labrador pup four months ago.   Jax was spunky, mischievous, and a bit of a pain.  Everything about this cute and loveable dog was mostly great except when I tried to give her water in a dish so she could get a drink anytime that she was thirsty.  From the start the pup would either jump in the water until empty or just tip the bowl over while dragging the whole thing across the whole floor.  This continued through a frustrating process of trying everything u-tube could teach me without any tangible results.  This dog loves water and a full dish of water meant playtime no matter how thirsty she might be. So the only way that worked in the end was to bend over and physically hold the water before she would drink.  A tiring process of trying to figure out when she was thirsty or not.  So there were times when she pushed the bowl away with her nose and there were times when she drank like it was the last of the water on earth, causing her to choke and cough up water.
So I was desperate for an answer and turned to the internet to help me find a product to solve all my problems.  It did take a while filtering through all the products on the market, but reading through the reviews one product kept jumping out at me and I made a decision to try the slopper stopper and hope for the best.
The product arrived, and as I unpacked it I noticed right away that it was a quality product.  A large heavy duty stainless steel bowl with a very thick and well made plastic top with a built in rubber seal that really connects nicely to the metal bowl.  There is a place for the dog to drink only in the middle of the lid just big enough for a dog's tongue to reach down and pull up the liquid.
So my first try watering the dog I was nervous and apprehensive, unsure whether this was the answer.  So filled the thing per instructions and placed it in the usual place and waited for my precious to discover it.  It took seconds for my dog to wander over and size up the new contraption. It took only a few more seconds for her to begin drinking, never once trying to tip it over and spill the entire things all over the place.  I have been using the slopper stopper for over a month now and it still is working perfectly.  Jax drinks more water now that she can get it anytime she wants and the poor dog has not choked once since she never feels the need to over do it cause I might forget.  This is a great product for what it was intended and I am so happy I discovered it simply because it solved a high problem for me.  I called slopper stopper on some questions I had with this product and got Chuck Whitney the owner of the company and inventor of this amazing product.  He was helpful with my questions and came off as a very personable guy with a story to tell.  This is an amazing product.


Bob Jeffries

I wanted to write and give you my review of buying your product on Amazon.
We have a German Shepherd who drank from her water bowl and slopped water all over the house prior to our discovery of your product. My dog required no training to use your product and it has cut down on water on the floor by 90% and we are very happy with the results of what your product has provided in safety. I would highly recommend your product to anyone with this problem.
Thanks you

Beth Clark

  We purchased the Slobber Stopper the other day and immediately realized this product is by far the most amazing water bowl in the world.  Thank you so much for this product.   We have 3 dogs.  2 dachshunds and 1 boxer mix.  My step daughter came to live with us and brought her 3 mo old Australian shepherd with her. This cute little puppy(believe me, I have other choice words) loves to get right in the water bowl that all the dogs share and splash, splash and splash.  My floors were always wet and dangerous.  But more importantly is this wonderful puppy came to us with worms and Giardia.  So having him splash his paws in it after being outside became exhausting for me because I constantly had to change the water.   This waterbowl is life saving. Thank you once again!!
I will highly recommend this bowl to everyone I know

Fondly,  your very satisfied customer

Cindy Winfiele

I am compelled to write you as an "over the moon" SATISFIED customer .. I was so tired of having to clean up water everywhere in my kitchen/den areas for two "sloppy" drinking dogs. that I was desperate to find a solution.  I was very skeptical even after reading the reviews, watching the videos and trying to justify the cost. The ordering process was effortless, the updates about shipping were fast and informative but the BOWL is beyond my wildest dreams .. IT WORKS PERFECTLY !! EVERY DOG OWNER should have this product ..Thanks again for convincing me to give it a try but more importantly - NO MORE water everywhere in my house !!


Been using the new bowl for a few weeks and I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate the changes you've made to the design. The previous bowl was good in that it was certainly better than a regular bowl in terms of mitigating water getting out, but it wasn't complete. I was fine with that because it was still an improvement. Furthermore, the old bowl was difficult to clean because the top was not easy to snap into and out of place (at least not without putting too much pressure on the bottom of the bowl and potentially cracking it), plus the surface curves and such made it so that it wasn't super-easy to get a sponge into every nook and cranny. Still, the bowl was invaluable if for no other reason because we couldn't trust a regular bowl in the back seat of the car. If the Slopper Stopper was turned over during travel, there amount of water that got out was minimal (vs the whole thing!).

The new bowl addresses virtually every issue I had - it definitely bumps the quality from "good" to "great". It's easy to fill without having to aim for a tiny opening. The top is easy to remove without effort or fear of breaking anything, meaning that it's also easier for me to clean it often. The material also doesn't seem to get "slimy" so quickly (the old rubber stopper was always the first to get that way). More interestingly, I don't actually see ANY water splashing out when Shadow drinks from the bowl. It's gone from an 80% reduction to nearly 100%. All these bonuses together have made me happy with the bowl, so again: great job!


Shay Morton

This bowl is a game changer! I was hoping it would help cut down on the water mess but I never dreamed it would work as well as it does. My puppy is only 8 months old and always made a huge mess when he drank his water, not only my kitchen but my house was always a wet mess after he drank his water. His whole face would be dripping with water as he walked through the house. There's barely a drip of water near his bowl now. I highly recommend this bowl. I have a giant breed (Great Dane mixed with German short haired pointer and golden retriever)with jowls that store water but they don't fill up with water anymore.

Mark Hill

Works like a charm. 100 percent satisfaction. I have a labradoodle and he would make a mess after drinking from his old bowl. Now there’s literally only one or two drops of water compared to taking a cup of water and pouring it on the floor. Not to mention his beard under his chin used to get saturated with water after drinking but now it’s hardly even wet. I’d buy it again if I had too.

David Stull

I have two German Shepherds who, I was convinced, had holes in their bottom lips. It was nothing to mop up 6-8 ounces of water when they drank. And of course, watching me mop always seemed to make them thirsty all over again. Then I saw an ad for Slopper Stopper and was interested. They were coming out with a new version, but I had questions. You see, I also have a 15 year old Yorkie. Because of his age, I didn’t really want to buy a second one gallon bowl just for him. So I emailed them and described my situation. I asked if they thought the Yorkie could drink from the big dogs bowl. He is not dripper, so that was not a concern. They quickly answered me and said it should not be a problem.

I received my bowl last week. After several days, here is my review of the new bowl. It lives up to the claims. They claim it reduces spills by 85% and it does. When I used to mop up ounces of water, now there is literally a drop on the floor. So far, I am pleased with this product. I would definitely recommend this bowl for anyone with dogs with leaky mouths.

Elaine Milfelt

Got our bowl today ! Our two Collies took to drinking from it right away. i do recommend watching the video on how to fill your bowl correctly because there is a right and a wrong way. Once I filled it correctly, it worked like a charm. Now our boys can drink water from in the house instead of having to go out on the cold or hot porch to quench their thirst. and we no longer need to run behind them with a mop cleaning up slobber !