12/30/17 Cindy Winfiele

I am compelled to write you as an "over the moon" SATISFIED customer .. I was so tired of having to clean up water everywhere in my kitchen/den areas for two "sloppy" drinking dogs. that I was desperate to find a solution.  I was very skeptical even after reading the reviews, watching the videos and trying to justify the cost. The ordering process was effortless, the updates about shipping were fast and informative but the BOWL is beyond my wildest dreams .. IT WORKS PERFECTLY !! EVERY DOG OWNER should have this product ..Thanks again for convincing me to give it a try but more importantly - NO MORE water everywhere in my house !!

12/27/17 ~Gene

Been using the new bowl for a few weeks and I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate the changes you've made to the design. The previous bowl was good in that it was certainly better than a regular bowl in terms of mitigating water getting out, but it wasn't complete. I was fine with that because it was still an improvement. Furthermore, the old bowl was difficult to clean because the top was not easy to snap into and out of place (at least not without putting too much pressure on the bottom of the bowl and potentially cracking it), plus the surface curves and such made it so that it wasn't super-easy to get a sponge into every nook and cranny. Still, the bowl was invaluable if for no other reason because we couldn't trust a regular bowl in the back seat of the car. If the Slopper Stopper was turned over during travel, there amount of water that got out was minimal (vs the whole thing!).

The new bowl addresses virtually every issue I had - it definitely bumps the quality from "good" to "great". It's easy to fill without having to aim for a tiny opening. The top is easy to remove without effort or fear of breaking anything, meaning that it's also easier for me to clean it often. The material also doesn't seem to get "slimy" so quickly (the old rubber stopper was always the first to get that way). More interestingly, I don't actually see ANY water splashing out when Shadow drinks from the bowl. It's gone from an 80% reduction to nearly 100%. All these bonuses together have made me happy with the bowl, so again: great job!


12/21/17 Shay Morton

This bowl is a game changer! I was hoping it would help cut down on the water mess but I never dreamed it would work as well as it does. My puppy is only 8 months old and always made a huge mess when he drank his water, not only my kitchen but my house was always a wet mess after he drank his water. His whole face would be dripping with water as he walked through the house. There's barely a drip of water near his bowl now. I highly recommend this bowl. I have a giant breed (Great Dane mixed with German short haired pointer and golden retriever)with jowls that store water but they don't fill up with water anymore.

12/20/17 Mark Hill

Works like a charm. 100 percent satisfaction. I have a labradoodle and he would make a mess after drinking from his old bowl. Now there’s literally only one or two drops of water compared to taking a cup of water and pouring it on the floor. Not to mention his beard under his chin used to get saturated with water after drinking but now it’s hardly even wet. I’d buy it again if I had too.

12/19/17 David Stull

I have two German Shepherds who, I was convinced, had holes in their bottom lips. It was nothing to mop up 6-8 ounces of water when they drank. And of course, watching me mop always seemed to make them thirsty all over again. Then I saw an ad for Slopper Stopper and was interested. They were coming out with a new version, but I had questions. You see, I also have a 15 year old Yorkie. Because of his age, I didn’t really want to buy a second one gallon bowl just for him. So I emailed them and described my situation. I asked if they thought the Yorkie could drink from the big dogs bowl. He is not dripper, so that was not a concern. They quickly answered me and said it should not be a problem.

I received my bowl last week. After several days, here is my review of the new bowl. It lives up to the claims. They claim it reduces spills by 85% and it does. When I used to mop up ounces of water, now there is literally a drop on the floor. So far, I am pleased with this product. I would definitely recommend this bowl for anyone with dogs with leaky mouths.

12/16/17 Elaine Milfelt

Got our bowl today ! Our two Collies took to drinking from it right away. i do recommend watching the video on how to fill your bowl correctly because there is a right and a wrong way. Once I filled it correctly, it worked like a charm. Now our boys can drink water from in the house instead of having to go out on the cold or hot porch to quench their thirst. and we no longer need to run behind them with a mop cleaning up slobber !