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Slopper Stopper® Dripless Water Bowl was Invented, Utility Patented and Trademarked by Chuck of Native Times LLC. I am the son of a Country Veterinarian who practiced for over 30 years and also invented products for the equine industry so I have been around the animal industry for a long time. My wife Shannon and I had always had large breed dogs and were tired of cleaning up after them so I fixed the problem. This Bowl is the best Dripless Dog Water Bowl on the Market. We sell this item because there is a huge need for a Dog Water Bowl that greatly reduces the mess of dogs spilling water and leaving trails of water all over the house. Too many times our furry canine friends just don't care who has to clean up the mess of water trails to all parts of the house. Well we care and we know who has to pick up after them, us the two legged creatures and it usually consists of a towel and sometimes multiple towels and its a real hazard for slips and falls. No Longer, let Slopper Stopper "Take Care of Mess So you Don't Have To". Our bowl will eliminate up to 85% of the mess and most of the time even more than 85% of the mess your dog makes at the water bowl. This product is truly a Life Changing Pet and Cleaning Product. Enjoy the Clean Floors and thank you for being a part of the The Slopper Stopper Pack and letting our invention 

"Take Care Of The Mess So You Don't Have To!!"

Best regards,

Chuck, Shannon, Bear, Cypress and Georgia

The Slopper Stopper Pack